I'm In Miami Bitch - The Disappearing Street Art of Wynwood

I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! The Project, An Explanation.

By Andrew Kaufman aka AK FOTO

     Photography is the most permanent longest lasting proof of street art. There is no way to preserve street art except to photograph it before it fades, is toyed with, buffed or written over. Street art, by its very nature is a fluid art form, constantly evolving because of the landscape, materials, politics, weather etc.  

      It is through photography that street art can be conveyed to the world. Images of the artists and their works are reproduced and disseminated through books, magazines and the internet. 

I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! A Comprehensive Survey

     Yes, yes, it has been a while, toiling away here deep in the AK Foto Laboratory comes The Comprehensive Survey. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means that all the different facets of I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! will be on display this coming Saturday October 11th at  Galleria Gum in Wynwood for 2nd Saturday's art walk. What can you expect to see? The invite will break it down for you. 

The invite...

     Another part of the IIMB! project that has been under wraps for a while that will be exhibited for the 1st time are the artist collaborated silk screens.

Included in the show will be:  Luis BerrosNoah LevyDiana ContrerasYamel MolerioLuis ValleNAPSATOMIKGGKEDSDAZESP1MEMEDEITYCharlie Calderin and more to come. 

See you there....